Composite System

At Smart Glaze, we pride ourselves as the leading composite door and windows system manufacturing company. Using the latest technologies and never-ending research

Composite System

Welcome to Smart Glaze, the premier company for creating stylish, contemporary window designs that are both accessible and affordable. Although our name might not be new in the world (we’ve been around for as long as we can remember!), we know that you might still have questions about what we do and how we exist. Rest assured if you’re a homeowner looking to enhance your house or business property with extended living space – or create a cheerful, safe environment in which to work then this is surely the place to talk.

Installing design is a simple yet important necessity when you wish to assure the beauty and flexibleness of your decoration. The structural designs, however, are a core part of any building that deserve their own attention. 

Smart Glaze Elite doors have a lot of character and will keep your home the way you want it. Our doors are extra sturdy and don’t come with any maintenance. With regular cleaning, your new door is guaranteed to last for years!

Really cool room door designs are more than just beautiful entrances; they have the ability to transform your home. By adding such features as locks, windows and hardware, you’re able to create stunning entranceways that immediately bring a lot more to the design of your home than just supplementary hardware pieces like Glass or handles.

Modern room door designs are more than just a spectacular hardware piece like handle or molding. They have the potential to add a lot to the design of your storage bay and can even give you an entrance that is as functional as it is beautiful!